The placement process at SNSoft starts with the partnership between our Business Development team and our clients.

We work closely with the client to discover the details of their requirement, including technical skills, rates, duration of the assignment, and the timeline for the candidate to start in the position. Just as important, however, is developing an understanding of the culture and personality of the organization to ensure a comfortable and productive match between client and consultant.

Working with the client to define the hard and soft skills required for a position gives SNSoft the solid basis needed for finding the right candidate for the client. Identify

Once a job opportunity is fully qualified, the Business Development team at SNSoft partners with our Recruiting team to identify potential candidates, leveraging SNSoft’s significant candidate network.

SNSoft recruiting staff works with candidates to fully understand exactly what type of opportunity would best fit their needs. Candidates are further qualified through interviews with our Practice Managers, technical assessments or other tools to determine skill level.

As jobs become available with our client base, we use the information obtained during the qualification process establish a broad determination for candidacy. From there, our team sits down with the prospective candidate to go over all areas of concern to ensure a quality match. Support

Once SNSoft Global presents a candidate to our client, the recruiter will work with the candidate to ensure a comfortable and stress-free navigation through the interview process. This includes an in-depth preparation for the client interview.

The recruiter will sit down with the candidate to re-visit the job description and discuss how the candidate’s background fits the client’s requirement. In addition, the recruiter will discuss general interviewing tips that will assist the candidate during their interview, and provide any client specific information that is relevant to the interview process. Finally, SNSoft’s recruiters will review all concerns and agreements to make certain no issues arise that could potentially put an individual’s candidacy at risk.

After a successful client interview, SNSoft’s Recruiting and Business Development teams stay in close communication with the candidate and the client, respectively, to make sure the on boarding process is as smooth as possible.

Business Development continues to work with the client throughout the course of the engagement, while Recruiting and the Director of Operations stay in contact with the candidate to ensure they have the support they need from SNSoft for a successful consulting assignment.